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Knowing If a Career in Real Estate Is Right for You

20 years ago, I left a six-figure, Fortune 500 company position and started a career in real estate. I needed a change because I was heading in a direction I didn’t really want to go down. I wasn’t happy, but I was afraid to make the change because of certain things I would be losing—benefits, paid vacation, tenure, etc. As I looked back at the various jobs I’d held over my lifetime, though, I realized that each one was better than the one that came before it, and between each transition I had felt the exact same anxiety.

It was scary, but for me, do you know what was even scarier? Regret. It’s not your job circumstance that defines your future—it’s your choices. What you choose is what you get. 

A mentor of mine named Nido Qubein once said, “For the timid in our society, change is always, always frightening. For the comfortable in our society, change is always threatening. For the confident among us, change is opportunity.” He taught me that all meaningful change comes from within. Most of us don’t want to change until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.  

He wasn’t advocating change for the sake of change because that doesn’t ensure improvement. Improvement, though, is always the result of something that you change. Statistics show that 60% of Americans are just one paycheck away from bankruptcy. This means that most people are merely enduring the job they have instead of doing what they love. They’re trapped by fear, as I once was. Whether you’re in a good-paying job that’s making you unhappy or a bad-paying job that’s making you unhappy, it’s not your current circumstances that define your future. It’s your choices. What you choose is what you get.
What you choose is what you get.
When you have a job, you have a ceiling. When you have a career, such as in real estate, you have unlimited income potential. Not only that, but you have more time to do the things you want to do. Real estate isn’t for everybody; it’s hard work. 85% of the people who get into real estate get right back out within 18 months. I believe, though, that there are tens of thousands of people out there that would really be successful in real estate; they just don’t know it. 

While you might assume that the majority of the real estate business revolves around showing homes and sitting inside open houses, most of the discipline involves learning and knowing legal stuff. Once you master that, it’s all a matter of marketing yourself and marketing the inventory you have access to. The difference between a successful real estate professional and an unsuccessful real estate professional usually lies in how they were trained and mentored at the very beginning. That’s the secret to the success of my own team.

Kick some of these thoughts around in your mind. When you’re ready to give me a call, we’ll find a time so that we can chat and find out if a career in real estate is really for you.

How We Helped Davey Carson by Working Hard With Knowledge We Knew

They were fantastic. Both Renee and Sam worked very hard on our sale. We sold the house through them and we also bought another house using them. They are very professional people. We’ve known them for several years and from other transactions with them. They are just very professional people, and very knowledgeable people, and they put their heart and soul into getting the project done that we’ve hired them to do. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They helped us prep the house, they helped put on the open houses, and they worked with us closely on a couple of different offers on the house. We had some things to update in the house that they guided us through. Actually when the house was on the market we made a few little changes in the house. Any questions we had they were always there to answer them and just guided us through the whole process.

 Davey Carson - Home Seller

Meet Aaron Wilder, Our Newest Team Member

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Today we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the DiBello Real Estate Group, Aaron Wilder.

Before coming on board with us, Aaron had been looking to make a change for quite some time because he wanted to get out from behind the desk and start working directly with people. After considering a number of options, he chose real estate. As luck would have it, he and his wife Cindy were clients of ours and had been discussing the possibility of getting into real estate.

That very night, he received an email from our own Sam DiBello asking if he’d ever considered getting into real estate. They then got together over the next few weeks, and Aaron was put through a series of interviews and tests to ensure that he would be successful.
He’s already working with 22 clients...and having a ball!
Now, after much education and training, his business is exploding. The average Realtor sells less than five homes per year. He’s already working with 22 clients . . . and having a ball!

If you have any questions for Aaron or would like him to contact you regarding all your real estate needs, send an email to aaron@igotsmart.com or call (425) 466-4663.