Meet Aaron Wilder, Our Newest Team Member

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Today we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the DiBello Real Estate Group, Aaron Wilder.

Before coming on board with us, Aaron had been looking to make a change for quite some time because he wanted to get out from behind the desk and start working directly with people. After considering a number of options, he chose real estate. As luck would have it, he and his wife Cindy were clients of ours and had been discussing the possibility of getting into real estate.

That very night, he received an email from our own Sam DiBello asking if he’d ever considered getting into real estate. They then got together over the next few weeks, and Aaron was put through a series of interviews and tests to ensure that he would be successful.

He’s already working with 22 clients 
. . . and having a ball!

Now, after much education and training, his business is exploding. The average Realtor sells less than five homes per year. He’s already working with 22 clients . . . and having a ball!

If you have any questions for Aaron or would like him to contact you regarding all your real estate needs, send an email to or call (425) 466-4663.

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